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 air temperature   water temperature   wind direction @ speed   wind gust speed   barometer   barometer trend   wave height   Visibillity 

59.7°F 62.4°F Wind from EE@2.2 mph 4.7mph 30.03inHg - - -

58.8°F - - 3.4mph -inHg - - -

52.9°F 53.8°F - 0.0mph 30.03inHg - - -

60.1°F - Wind from ENEENE@3.4 mph 4.7mph 30.04inHg +0.02inHg - -

53.2°F - Wind from WNWWNW@5.8 mph 5.8mph 30.03inHg +0.02inHg - -

-°F - Wind from ESEESE@6.9 mph 8.1mph -inHg - - 8mi

66.9°F 69.3°F Wind from NNWNNW@6.7 mph 6.7mph 30.05inHg +0.02inHg - -

Grand Isle, LA at 9:48 pm: Air:. 59.7°F, Water: 62.4°F, Wind: E@2.2mph, Gust: 4.7mph, Baro: 30.03inHg, No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports.  at 9:00 pm: Air:. 58.8°F, Gust: 3.4mph, No recent reports. No recent reports.  at 9:48 pm: Air:. 52.9°F, Water: 53.8°F, Gust: 0.0mph, Baro: 30.03inHg, No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. Southwest Pass, LA at 10:00 pm: Air:. 60.1°F, Wind: ENE@3.4mph, Gust: 4.7mph, Baro: 30.04inHg (+0.02), No recent reports. Dauphin Island, AL at 10:00 pm: Air:. 53.2°F, Wind: WNW@5.8mph, Gust: 5.8mph, Baro: 30.03inHg (+0.02), No recent reports.  at 9:00 pm: Wind: ESE@6.9mph, Gust: 8.1mph, MOBILE SOUTH at 10:00 pm: Air:. 66.9°F, Water: 69.3°F, Wind: NNW@6.7mph, Gust: 6.7mph, Baro: 30.05inHg (+0.02), No recent reports. No recent reports.

ID name time CST air °F water °F wind mph gust mph baro inHg trend inHg Visibillity mi
GISL1 Grand Isle, LA 9:48 pm 59.7 62.4 E Wind from E 2.2 4.7 30.03 - -
42362No recent reports.
42363No recent reports.
LABL1No recent reports.
MRSL1 9:00 pm 58.8 - - 3.4 - - -
42067No recent reports.
WAVM6No recent reports.
BYGL1 9:48 pm 52.9 53.8 - 0.0 30.03 - -
LUML1No recent reports.
SIPM6No recent reports.
SLPL1No recent reports.
TAML1No recent reports.
ILDL1No recent reports.
BURL1 Southwest Pass, LA 10:00 pm 60.1 - ENE Wind from ENE 3.4 4.7 30.04 +0.02 -
GDIL1Grand Isle, LANo recent reports.
DPIA1 Dauphin Island, AL 10:00 pm 53.2 - WNW Wind from WNW 5.8 5.8 30.03 +0.02 -
TRBL1No recent reports.
SPLL1 9:00 pm - - ESE Wind from ESE 6.9 8.1 - - 8
42040 MOBILE SOUTH 10:00 pm 66.9 69.3 NNW Wind from NNW 6.7 6.7 30.05 +0.02 -
42007BILOXINo recent reports.
LKPL1No recent reports.

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